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Water Meth Design

Premium Build Quality.
Factory like integration requires factory quality parts. An OE Volkswagen button base is used to ensure perfect fit, lighting and operation. A VW connector is also used and the button top is finished with an OEM, interior grade, coating. All wiring is covered with a premium braided sleeve that both protects and suppresses any noise from wire movement.

3D Printed Relay Housing.
A 10 amp relay module is fitted inside a Double Apex designed 3D printed housing that is contoured to fit seamlessly with the vehicles fuse panel. 3D printing allows a level of design and fitment that would be cost prohibitive with traditional manufacturing methods. The high current relay circuit allows switching of a wide range of devices from low current solenoids to  power hungry pumps. It will trigger the button's yellow LED just like an OE system, giving a clear indication of the circuits status.  

Relay housing being 3D printed