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Double Apex USB Charger Design Highlights

Optimized for Apple devices.
Apple devices require a unique charger design so generic USB chargers aren’t compatible. Many of the ones that are, including external battery packs, can only provide a ½ amp of current to your Apple device resulting in a slower charge. The Double Apex USB Charger can provide up to 1 amp to iPhones and iPods and up to 2 amps to iPads. This is the same amount of current you’d get from a wall outlet and results in the fastest possible charge.

Premium build quality.
The USB Port is manufactured by a Tier 1 automotive supplier, is rugged in design and blends seamlessly with the vehicles interior. The integrated cover gives a premium appearance and protects the internal electronics. 

The USB Charger uses a high quality, professionally assembled wiring harness. The included fuse protects your devices and the rugged yet soft braided sleeving protects the wires and suppresses noise from wire movement. Connecting to your vehicle's power is easy with the included Posi-Taps, the best wire taps available.


Future proof.
The charger module can be easily upgraded if future devices have different charging requirements.