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Filter Design


The filter material is a tightly woven cotton fabric, which compared to the cotton gauze used in other filters, performs better without sacrificing filtration, and will not fray.  The deep pleats add up to 20% more filtration surface compared to the OE paper filter.

A precision molding process minimizes rubber seepage into the filter material, ensuring maximum performance. 

Deep Pleated Cotton Fabric 

Rubber Seepage In
Other Brand Filter








Oiled vs Dry Filters

We chose an oiled filter design because it offers a significant performance advantage with the only drawback being it takes a few more minutes to clean.  Servicing a dry filter is a little easier  but the performance is not much better than the stock paper filter.

How is this possible? The synthetic, sensor safe, oil captures dirt particles while adding very little flow restriction to the filter material. Without oil a more restrictive filter material is needed to maintain the same filtration ability. Check out the Test Data tab to learn more about how our oiled filter compares to a dry filter and find out how easy it is to clean on the Installation page.