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The stock paddles are too small and often difficult to reach.  The Double Apex Paddles are designed to be there when you need them, regardless of your driving style.  They are a full replacement, meaning they use the factory mounting points to ensure a rigid and reliable connection.  Other paddle "extensions" simply stick to the stock paddles using double sided tape which is flimsy and prone to failure.   

The Double Apex low profile design ensures the paddles do not interfere with your hands when on the wheel or when using the wiper or turn signal control stalks.  The paddles are machined from 6061 alloy aluminum, buffed and polished, anodized, coated with a UV protective layer to prevent color fade, and laser etched. 

The new hinge assembly was meticulously designed for a precision fit and its contoured geometry hugs the steering wheel to protect the electronic internals while giving a factory equipped appearance.  Stainless steel hardware is used to connect the components.