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MK5 & MK6 Hatch Button


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Available exclusively from ECS Tuning.

After the MK5 generation, Volkswagen omitted the hatch release button from it's hatchbacks. This meant that you could not open your hatch until you have removed the key from the ignition and held the hatch release button on the key remote for 3 seconds. Standing behind your car in the rain is not the ideal time to remember that your hatch does not unlock with the rest of your doors.

Luckily, Double Apex and ECS Tuning have combined efforts to come up with a solution. Designed and assembled by Double Apex and tested in-house by ECS, the Hatch Release Button Kit installs in front of your shifter with the same fit, finish, and lighting as the other buttons in your vehicle. As long as the vehicle isn't in motion, just a quick press of the button will release the latch and allow you to open the hatch as soon as you walk around to the rear of the car. This is also especially useful for getting groceries or other items loaded into the cargo area without getting out of the car.

When combined with an ECS Hatch Pop Kit, this button will allow the hatch to open completely without the need to exit the vehicle.


Installation Instructions:

 Hatch Button Installation Instructions 

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