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The Double Apex Toggle Button kit is the OEM+ switching solution. The button lighting, feel and finish match perfectly with your Volkswagen’s interior like it was factory equipped.

The red and amber LEDs match the factory color scheme and make it easy to tell what mode your system is in. The red LED illuminates with the other interior lights and the amber LED will indicate system status.

The kit includes a momentary push button and a 10 amp toggle relay module. This allows two position switching of a power, ground or signal wire. The button's amber lighting is associated with the relay's NO (normally open) position.

More detail on how it works and installation instructions can be found below. If you're unsure if the kit is right for your application, please contact us. For exhaust systems and cutouts,  please see the note in the "How It Works" section.

This fits:

Make Model Submodel
VW  Eos  All
 VW MKV Rabbit / Golf  All
VW MKV R32 All
VW MKVI Golf All
VW MKVI Golf R All
VW MKV Jetta All
VW MKVI Jetta All
VW MKV Rabbit All
VW MKIII Scirocco All


How It Works:

Basically, it operates like an on/off toggle switch. The relay module contains a 10 amp capable SPDT relay that has three terminals, “Normally Open (NO)”, “Normally Closed (NC)” and “Common (C)”. When vehicle power is first turned on, NC and C are connected. If the vehicle lights are on and the button is illuminated, it will be red. When the button is pushed, NO and C are connected, and the button’s lighting turns amber. Pushing the button again will switch the relay and button lighting back. When vehicle power is turned off the relay will return to the original NC state.  

For example, to switch a light on and off you could connect 12V+ to the NO terminal and connect the light’s + wire to the C terminal. When the vehicle is started the light will be off. When the button is pushed the light will turn on and the button will turn amber. Pushing the button again will turn the light off. If you want the light to come on when the vehicle is started you would connect its + to the NC relay terminal.

When considering your application keep in mind how much current your accessory will draw. If it is more than 10 amps (5 amps for inductive loads, like electric motors and pumps) an additional higher rated relay will be required. Light bars, for example, sometimes require more than 10 amps.

*For exhaust systems and cutouts, this kit will work with most solenoid controlled, vacuum operated exhaust flapper valves. It won’t work with most electric motor driven flapper valves. Electric motors require a special control circuit to prevent damage to the motor. If your exhaust valve can be operated with a simple two position latching toggle switch the Toggle Button Kit can be used. If it uses a different type of switch, like a two position momentary toggle or a remote control, it likely is not compatible. 


Installation Instructions:


 Toggle Button Installation Instructions 


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