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Mute Button

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The Double Apex Mute Button is the OEM+ solution for silencing your radar detector or other device. The button lighting, feel and finish match perfectly with your Volkswagen’s interior like it was factory equipped. 

About the options:


Toggle Kit: Includes a 10 amp toggle relay module. This allows two position switching of a power, ground or signal wire. The button's amber lighting is associated with the relay's NO (normally open) position. 

Momentary Kit: Includes a momentary function push button with a generic wire harness. The switch function is “Off-Mom”, meaning it is normally off, and on only while the button is pushed down. It does not latch in the on position like a toggle switch would. It’s typically used in custom installations where it will be paired with a control circuit that accepts a pulse signal.

The switched leads are 56" long, as is the power lead for the amber LED. The leads for the red LED are designed to connect to the local button lighting circuit. For low amperage signal and switching currents only, <100mA. For higher currents a relay must be used. Please contact us if you need advice on your application. 

 This fits:

Make Model Submodel
VW  Eos  All
 VW MKV Rabbit / Golf  All
VW MKV R32 All
VW MKVI Golf All
VW MKVI Golf R All
VW MKV Jetta  All
VW MKVI Jetta (2010-2014) All
VW MKV Rabbit All
VW MKIII Scirocco All


Installation Instructions:

 Momentary Button Installation Instructions


 Toggle Button Installation Instructions 


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